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College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur

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About us

Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy at Kolhapur was incepted in 1996 under the most potential leadership and vision of Honorable Dr. Patangrao Kadam, Founder of Bharati Vidyapeeth and also Founder and Chancellor of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University,Pune. He foresighted the need for a good pharmacy institution in Kolhapur to cater the needs of the people in this district area and the adjoining Konkan belt.
The spacious college building, the laboratories,rich and resorcefull labiary and all the amenities took shape under the able and dynamic guidance of Dr. Shivajirao Kadam, Vice chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune and who pioneered and lead the foundation of pharmacy education in the University of Pune by setting up Poona College of Pharmacy Pune. As quoted by some eminent personalities in the Pharma-profession the pharmacy college building is in the reckoning as one of the best planned pharmacy college buildings in Asia. With persistent guidance from Honorable Dr. Vishwajeet Kadam, Secreatry, Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune, college has developed into one of the best pharmacy institutes in the state.
Principal, Dr. H. N. More, Vice principal Dr.M.S.Bhatia and the faculty members, have shaped the college in to an ideal environment conducive for studies.

Bharati Vidyapeeth  College of Pharmacy (BVCPK) today is one of the leading Pharmacy Institutions in the purview of Shivaji University, Kolhapur with an excellent academic, extracurricular and research track record. As a result of this, recently Shivaji university Kolhapur has accorded college with the status of Lead College. The college has consciously promoted pharmacy profession and has developed strong links with Industry and educational institutions.

We are professing the education for epitomizing the will to overcome challenges, determination to support a cause, eagerness to explore new ideas and passion for life long learning. At BVCPK our endeavor is to create new generation pharmacists to take up new challenges in pharmaceutical and drug industry, to moot entrepreneurship and finally imbibe the quality and ethics of pharmacy profession.

We accept our responsibility as corporate citizens in a community both at regional and national level; we serve our interest best when we serve student community at large with commitment. We always acknowledge our obligation as an educational institution to help to improve the quality of the society, as we are part of it.

Besides undergraduate courses BVCPK conducts the postgraduate teaching program in pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmaceutics and Doctoral research (Ph.D) programs in different disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences. BVCPK periodically organizes Workshops and Continuing Education Programmes largely to promote professional excellence in technical advancement and finally to keep abreast of the latest developments.

The infrastructure facilities are ably utilized by the faculty members and researchers at BVCPK primarily to focus and foster industry-academia interactions by encouraging research activities through their guidance and supervision and providing an exciting and stimulating environment in various key areas of drug research and drug development viz. API selection and standardization, scale-up of formulated products, optimization of unit operation processes of product development, new drug delivery systems, quality control testing system, new chemical synthesis through the state-of-art of combinatorial chemistry approaches, testing impurity profile of drugs and their synthesis, pre-clinical pharmacological and toxicological evaluation of NCE, new products, drugs, etc., herbal drug standardization and herbal cosmetic formulations. The research findings are published in reputed national and international scientific journals and also presented in national and international conferences.

Education is reservoir and library is heart of an educational institute. Library and information facilities are extremely important; they determine the standards and quality of the academic activities. The college library has a rich and resourceful collection of books and journals of repute. 

Our training and placement cell is promoting and helping our students to get placement in Industry, Academics, Research Institutes and also offers guidance for pursuing advanced education both in India and abroad.

BVCPK's strength is largely drawn from its registered alumni who have been well placed and have progressed after graduation. BVCPK Alumni Association was formed and our efforts continue to make it strong, vibrant and supporting, to promote professionalism, to assist training, placement and finally to build stronger linkages with industries.

In the 21st century, the pharmacy education shall need new vistas in designing curriculum to understand newly bred disciplines viz Biotechnology, bioinformatics, information technology, drug targeting cell & tissue engineering, pharmacogenetics, Proteomics, new concepts of combinatorial chemistry, new biomaterials. Hence, study of the pharmaceutical sciences in 21st Century may change to a great extent including the concept, nature of curriculum and even professional outlook and obligation.

We are making conscious efforts at BVCPK to become more proactive in identifying impending issues and challenges in the new millennium educational system. Naturally, this would involve a gamut of steps for analyzing, brain storming, benchmarking, exploring the scope for improvement and implementing the necessary steps. Thus, new initiatives in continuing our task of building a new organizational culture are based on a shared vision and mission. We have to nurture future generation, we have to nurture our Institute and finally we have to nurture our teachers and other associated staff members.
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